Nakimushi Shounen

By: Syarafie Ismail

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Tuesday, 6-Jan-2009 04:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
First Time FireFly-ing

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the last time I went on a flight, was sometime before I turn 10 years old. and yeah, last time it was nothing to be worried since my parents would do all the work. I just have to sit and fasten the seat belt. but this time, from the ticket booking, to getting joint aches (due to the handful of hand luggages), I hd to go through everything myself. it was a good lesson, anyway

and I was lucky! very! because my ticket was at 6.45pm! which means, I get to see sunset from the sky!!!!

and due to the excitement and thrill of the first time, I did something wierd. I bought these

what was wierd? number 1. the first time i bought Kinder Bueno. number 2. I bought these IN the airport. why? THE PRICE WAS RECKLESSLY HIGHER. buying these would normally cost around RM6. there, RM10.

the plane. fokker. such a simple and cute one. and yeah, the weather looked as if I'll fly between lightnings.

not-so-spacious-but-ok inner space. since it is a 70 seater. it was only an hour trip anyway

how cute. orange juice for using the orange-themed-airline.

early snaps. I was amazed by the view. my hand couldn't let go of my beloved camera, D-Kon

The beauty of meteorology. I think a cumulonimbus is building up.

this view made me cry *subhanallah*. I think this is my first time watching a RED SUN without any aids. well, I've seen a red sun before this but basically after the telescope was filtered with Hydrogen-alpha filter. Seriously, I cried. but not heavily *of course!*

a landscape attempt. I like how the river meanders.

another from a wider view. with the skies. I sure hope I knew what river this was.

post dusk. the color of the sky was BRILLIANT! oh please be aware the white lines were due to the window

and~~~~ landed. It was sooo fun and was'nt tiring. I'm soooo taking a flight to travel after this. yeehaa~~~~

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Side order: 'Sotong Tepung' (sduid coated in flour)
L-R: Ching Ling, Jali, Mary, AkiChua
L-R: Shud, Tiq, Ecot
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Fasting Day number 23. A gathering (finally) was made to meet up those coursemates who are working in KL. Eating frenzy was held in Kampung Baru, KL. We ate TomYam. well yeah, yummy ;P

basically employees from 3 different employers:
Petronas: Me, Meon, Shud
PetroSains: Jali, Ecot, Sarah (Sarah is the only non-geophysics ;P)
DuGeo: Tiq, Mary, AkiChua, n Ching Ling

There should be 4 more people to be invited but they are currently in Houston, who are yuzmeen, lam, kevin n christine, representing Schlumberger ;P

Hope to hang out with you guys again!

Friday, 26-Sep-2008 07:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UK Kids

In KLCC's elevator
L-R Firdaus, Me, PakJan
Can you sense the love -eewww-.. hahahah
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huhu UK.. stands for Unit Kauseling (Counselling Unit) of USM.. so they planned to come and have fun during Malaysia's 51st Independence Day celebration.. which falls on the day before Ramadhan (fasting month) starts..

on 30th, they arrived in KL so I was invited to join since 2 of them are among my best buddies, a few more are some that I've worked with during some event and others were the new friends! so ob that day I treated them with J.Co Donut since I brought them to KL Pavilion, and then to KLCC to eat them ;P

So the next day, we went to Genting Highland Theme Park and had fun there.. haha I can't remember when was the last time I went there.. so I guess I wanted to go too ;P

I didn't play much in the theme park since it'll be such a waste of time having to queue for EVERY GAME.. The people was soooo much.. wargh!! so me and some of the not-playing people hang around, and take many goofy pictures..

Yaaa not enough of Photography I guess.. Not only that I like to take pictures, I LOVE to fool around in pictures.. I guess it will make you smile for the happy, fun and goofy times everytime you look back to the pictures ;D

People involved: Syarafie, Firdaus, PakJan, Bikah, Ju, Tija, KD, Mamu, Sarah

Thanx 4 the invitation guys!!!

Sunday, 14-Sep-2008 04:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The Header that later to be pinned up
1st single - Honto No Jibun
2nd single - Renai Rider
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I now hereby officiate NAKIMUSHI SHOUNEN
*After the 2 'indie' entries *

So what is Nakimushi Shounen?
Its in japanese, in english its CRYBABY BOY

the rationale behind it is because..
-I'm a crybaby????? *but I'm old enough though *
-I am a big fan of Buono!, A J-pop artist *Ehhh???*
-Buono! has a song titled NAKIMUSHI SHOUNEN, and some parts of the song fits me.. ngahahahahahaha

the end


Some of the lyrics translations that is ME *I think*
Don't look down, chin up
I'll sing for you
Crybaby boy, it's pouring All right
Let's clear out of this place

In pictures, you're always fooling around, and it's funny
Even if you were sad,
I never saw you look blue

The scenery from the dirty window in the bus is getting farther and smaller

Don't turn around, face forward
You can go anywhere
Youth is bitter and crazy, All night
Let's clear away this sadness

In the meantime I'll be struggling until I can make the header of the page.. haha

full song info & lyrics:

song download:
type NAKIMUSHI SHOUNEN MP3 at Google. wahahahah

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Graduation Day!!!

The looks of inside USM's Hall
"Thank you Pro-Chancellor".. ok gimme dat already
Meet Meon.. hahaha
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ok then.. it was 16 August 2008.. *as titled* was fun~!!! I get to celebrate with my family and also with my crazy friends.. but some of my favourite friends couldn't make it that day.. It was a disappointment though.. those frens were like a family to me.. but it can't be blamed.. I still have to enjoy the day

so da pictures here are highly filtered.. as in only significant pictures are pinned up.. Pics during on stage, with coursemates and family only.. those crazy pics had been pinned in my other blog.. but da blog is in Malay.. Means.. only pure Malaysian can comprehend it.. cause I used highly mangled Malay.. so who's interested in TRYING to see the harsh-side-of-me writing, CAREFULLY follow up the link at the bottom.. hahahahhaha

Oh God please bless us for finally graduated.. Gud luck to my batch that will be graduating soon.. Ganbatte!

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